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AN/ALR-69 devices are radar warning receivers (RWR), used in from the early 2000s on aircraft including the A-10 Thunderbolt II, MC-130 COMBAT TALON, MH-53 PAVE LOW, F-16 Fighting Falcon and C-130 Hercules. This radar warner performs rapid and accurate radar enemy emissions location. They are an incremental improvement on the older AN/ALR-46 radar warning receiver. In turn, a new increment ALR-69A(V) went into production by Raytheon as of August 2005. The systems were being deployed on new F-16 aircraft in 2007.

The AN/ALR-69A(V) solved some part obsolescence problems with the ALR-69, but also added a hostile emitter location capability. Before having location capability, the aircraft essentially used countermeasures in the blind, such as the AN/ALE-37 expendables dispenser and the AN/ALQ-131 jammer. With better knowledge of the threat, the jammer can tune to the specific signal of the enemy radar, and the pilot can maneuver to optimize the jammer antenna toward the threat. Multiple aircraft in a formation can share ALR-69A(V) data to triangulate the source.

The ALR-69 will work with newer expendables dispensers, such as the AN/ALE-47. The ALE-47 has considerable software of its own, so the aircraft has a complete system of detection, passive and deceptive countermeasures, and active electronic attack. It can, however, be controlled by a more extensive electronic warfare computer, such as the AN/ALQ-213, which, in turn, allows a graceful replacement of the ALR-69 by a newer RWR.