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The AN/ALR-56 is a software-controlled radar warning receiver. Its C model is on all F-15 series fighter aircraft except the Japanese F-15J and Israeli F-15I version of the F-15E Strike Eagle. The M model is used on F-16 Fighting Falcon and C-130 Hercules aircraft. An AN/ALQ-213 can act as its electronics countermeasures suite controller.

It has receivers for a high and low radar frequency band, and has an architecture that can be upgraded for more threat signal types. The C model also manages a AN/ALE-45 expendables dispenser and AN/ALQ-135 jammer.

Israel uses a domestically manufactured equivalent. Japan's is the J/APR-4 jammer.

It replaced the AN/ALR-46, except when that system was replaced with a AN/ALR-93(V)3 upgrade. The AN/ALR-56M replaces, in the same form factor, AN/ALR-69 receivers on F-16 aircraft.