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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about ALQ-165.
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  • ALE-50 [r]: An expendable, actively transmitting radar decoy pod that is towed behind the aircraft it protects [e]
  • ALQ-213 [r]: A Danish Air Force-designed electronics countermeasures suite controller used on aircraft of many countries [e]
  • AN- [r]: U.S. military nomenclature for electronic equipment, following the Joint Electronics Type Designation System [e]
  • APG-68 [r]: A midlife enhancement of the multifunction radar, currently in its 9th version, for the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, with substantial parts commonality with the AN/APQ-164 on the B-1 Lancer bomber [e]
  • Electronic warfare [r]: A subset of information operations that deals with the use of electromagnetic or kinetic means to degrade an enemy's military electronics systems, to be able to operate one's own electronics in the face of enemy attacks, and to evade those attacks through protection or deception [e]
  • F-111 [r]: A first attempt, and failure, to build a fighter aircraft with substantial commonality between the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy; the Navy fleet interceptor version never deployed, although the fighter bomber (informally the Aardvark), electronic warfare aircraft (informally the Spark Vark) and them medium bomber, was competent with the U.S. and Royal Australian air forces [e]
  • F-18 Super Hornet [r]: A new generation of carrier-based fighter beyond the F-18 Hornet, this evolution provides an architecture with even greater expansion, especially with the AN/APG-79 AESA radar, more powerful computers and communications, and a new engine with longer range. [e]