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AGM-142 Raptor/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about AGM-142 Raptor.
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Parent topics


Carrier aircraft

  • B-52 [r]: United States Air Force heavy bomber, first version flown in 1952, entered service in 1961, expected to stay operational until at least 2030 [e]
  • F-111 [r]: A first attempt, and failure, to build a fighter aircraft with substantial commonality between the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy; the Navy fleet interceptor version never deployed, although the fighter bomber (informally the Aardvark), electronic warfare aircraft (informally the Spark Vark) and them medium bomber, was competent with the U.S. and Royal Australian air forces [e]
  • F-4 Phantom II [r]: An extremely successful third-generation fighter, the first effective multirole fighter, which, even after its replacement as a first-line fighter, continued in reconnaissance and suppression of enemy air defense roles well into the 1990s. [e] Highly upgraded Turkish model


  • Electro-optical guidance [r]: The use of electronics, possibly in combination with mechanical positioning systems, to aim an optical system at a source of infrared, visible, or ultraviolet light, and follow it for purposes of observation or weapons guidance [e]
  • Inertial guidance [r]: Navigation method that does not depend on external references, but computes the present position by sensing the movement of the navigating platform from a precisely known starting point in space, using accelerometers to sense position changes from a reference provided by gyroscopes [e]
  • FMU-143 [r]: U.S. Air Force electro-mechanical impact delay fuzing system for BLU-109 and BLU-113 hard target penetrator bombs, either guided or unguided [e]

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