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155mm howitzer/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about 155mm howitzer.
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Parent topics

  • Artillery [r]: Crew-served military devices for propelling payloads over distance [e]
  • Howitzer [r]: An artillery piece with a medium ratio between barrel length and diameter; longer than a mortar and shorter than a gun; the most common form of modern cannon [e]


  • Indirect fire [r]: Weapons fire that is fired in an arc such that the projectile rises above the target elevation and descends to hit the target [e]
  • Self-propelled artillery [r]: An artillery piece, usually wheels or tracks, which has its own power source for road movement. While it may move with supporting vehicles such as ammunition carriers, it does not depend on them for propulsion. [e]

Representative weapons



  • Counterbattery [r]: Defense against enemy artillery involving identifying the point of origin of hostile fire and directing lethal force against it [e]
  • Suppressive fire [r]: Weapons fire directed at troops or another weapons system, not necessarily to destroy it, but to degrade its performance below the level needed to fulfill its mission objectives [e]

Other related topics

Warhead technologies

  • Chemical weapon [r]: A weapon that cause death or disease by means of chemical interaction with the metabolism of the victim, as opposed to causing injury through blast, thermal, or other effects not on a molecular level [e]
  • Cluster munition [r]: A military weapon, fired or dropped from another weapon, that releases smaller submunitions that cause the actual destructive effect [e]


  • 105mm howitzer [r]: Common caliber for light howitzers; principally used for specialized applications where weight is critical, such as aircraft use on the AC-130 or wheeled fire support vehicles [e]
  • 130mm gun [r]: An older piece of Soviet-designed artillery, which outranged most light (105mm) and medium 155mm howitzers of its time [e]
  • 5"-62 caliber gun [r]: The main gun for shore bombardment and some anti-surface warfare on newer U.S. Navy warships; the successor to 5"-54 caliber guns. [e]
  • 4.5"-55 caliber Mark 8 gun [r]: A redesigned British naval gun intended to have a higher rate of fire than its Mark 6 predecessor, but whose Mark 0 first version suffered from jamming during the Falklands War; the current Mark 1 has substantial changes and is replacing Mark 0s. [e]