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Vietnam War/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Vietnam War.
See also changes related to Vietnam War, or pages that link to Vietnam War or to this page or whose text contains "Vietnam War".

Parent topics

  • Republic of Vietnam [r]: The Republic of Vietnam (RVN) (1954-1975; commonly called South Vietnam (SVN)) is the political entity created by the Geneva Accords of 1954 that partitioned French Indochina. The Republic of Vietnam ended in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam War. [e]
  • Democratic Republic of Vietnam [r]: Communist state in Vietnam; formally the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Proclaimed 1945, recognized 1954, and with South Vietnam transformed into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1976 [e]
  • Vietnam, war, and the United States [r]: The interactions of the Vietnam War with United States domestic politics and public opinion, and, in turn, how domestic considerations affected the military situation [e]




Other related topics

  • Air assault [r]: Military operations in which infantry are carried by aircraft onto, or very near, the target, or by parachuting. The aircraft may be helicopters, tilt-rotor aircraft, short-landing transports, or, historically, gliders. [e]

Code words

  • BARREL ROLL: Covert bombing campaign against the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Operation Bolo [r]: An offensive counter-air operation, sometimes called a fighter sweep, in which a formation of aircraft, looking like bombers and escorts, flew into North Vietnam to invite fighter attack; the attackers discovered that the "bombers" were actually air superiority fighters [e]
  • DESOTO: Patrols, off the coast of North Vietnam, with one or more destroyers with a signal intelligence intercept van temporarily mounted on deck
  • MARKET TIME: naval patrol operations against supplies and personnel being landed along the cost
  • ROLLING THUNDER: incremental bombing campaign against the North
  • ROLLING THUNDER II: intense bombing campaign, in 1972, intended to force the North back to the conference table