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User:Jossi Fresco

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A technology consultant with extensive experience in Internet applications, interactive media projects, telecommunications, networking and software design. with detailed technical expertise coupled with marketing acumen. Technology, strategy, managerial and marketing abilities with broad history of conceptualization, design, implementation and product management. Diverse international business skills including extended periods in Israel, Europe, United Kingdom, India, and the United Sates.

During the last 20 years Jossi has been actively involved in the development of multimedia hardware and software, local and wide area networks, book design, typography, new media technologies, web strategies and sites, corporate image, media asset management software, online marketing strategies, graphic design, and Voice over IP applications.

He is also a digital artist currently exploring the application of traditional painting techniques (oils, impasto, watercolor, charcoal, etc) to the digital realm and exploring the concept of computer assisted painting. Jossi's explorations are in portraiture and still life. He plays the Native American flute and the andinian moseño.


I have been editing Wikipedia since April 16, 2004 and my 50,000th contribution was performed on or about September 5, 2007. As of that date I was 86th on the list of Wikipedians by number of edits.

I am currently an active administrator at the English Wikipedia.