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Endorsements by the New York Times since 1860

From the New York Times of October 27, 2012; see the site at >

Year Endorsed Opponent(s) Winner
1860 Abraham Lincoln, Republican | color:red Stephen A. Douglas, Democrat; John C. Brekinridge, Southern Democrat; John Bell, Constitutional Union Party Lincoln
1864 Abraham Lincoln, Republican George B. McClellan, Democrat Lincoln
1868 Ulysses S. Grant, Republican Horatio Seymour, Democrat Grant
1872 Ulysses S. Grant, Republican Horace Greeley, Democrat Grant
1876 Rutherford B. Hayes, Republican Samuel Tilden, Democrat Hayes
1880 James Garfield, Republican Winfield S. Hancock, Democrat Garfield
1884 Grover Cleveland, Democrat James G. Blaine, Republican Cleveland
1888 Grover Cleveland, Democrat Benjamin Harrison, Republican Harrison
1892 Grover Cleveland, Democrat Benjamin Harrison, Republican; James Weaver, People's Party Cleveland
1896 John M. Palmer, National Democratic Party William Jennings Bryan, Democrat; William McKinley, Republican McKinley
1900 William McKinley, Republican William Jennings Bryan, Democrat McKinley
1904 Alton B. Parker, Democrat Theodore Roosevelt, Republican Roosevelt
1908 William Howard Taft, Republican William Jennings Bryan, Democrat Taft
1912 Woodrow Wilson, Democrat William Howard Taft, Republican; Theodore Roosevelt, Bull Moose Party Wilson
1916 Woodrow Wilson, Democrat Charles Evans Hughes, Republican Wilson
1920 James M. Cox, Democrat Warren G. Harding, Republican Harding
1924 John W. Davis, Democrat Warren G. Harding, Republican; Robert M. LaFollette, Progressive Harding