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Charter voting has started on October 1, 2009 and will close at midnight October 14, 2009, Apia, Samoa time.

1.) Every Citizen may vote for up to 5 candidates out of the 20 nominees, whose names and position statements can be found here.

2.) Citizens may cast only a single vote for each candidate. In other words, they may vote for Tom, Dick, Harry, Alice, and Jane, but they may not cast 3 votes for Tom and 1 for Dick and 1 for Harry.

3.) Citizens may cast only a single ballot. That is, if they vote for 3 candidates on October 3rd, they may not then cast an additional ballot on October 12th for 2 other candidates.

In order to vote:

A.) Each Citizen should look at the various links on the left-hand side of this page and then scroll down to the E-mail this user link.

B.) Click on that link.

C.) That will open up a page called E-mail user.

D.) In the message box, type in the names of the candidates you are voting for, for example, "Mary, Bob, Jim, Alice, and Henry." Remember: although you do not have to vote for 5 candidates, you may not vote for more than 5. Any ballots received that name more than 5 candidates will be invalidated and none of those votes counted.

E.) Click on the Send button at the bottom.

And that's it -- you have just cast your ballot!