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(new metadata inc. variant)
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{{#switch: {{{info}}}
{{#switch: {{{info}}}
<!--Pagename must be filled out for template to work correctly-->
|      pagename =United States of America
|      pagename =United States of America
<!--primarily whether the article is written in "AE" - American, "AuE" - Australian, "BE" - British or "CE" - Canadian English.-->
|        variant =AE
|        variant =AE
<!--Required for checklist.  In brief: 
*''abc'' means the form of the title for alphabetization, e.g. "Doherty, John" or "Orient, The".  Please think this one through and replace the "&nbsp;" if required.
*''cat_check'':  put "yes" if you want someone to check over the categories
*''status'': 0 for approved articles; 1 developed, 2 developing, 3 stub, 4 external
*''underlinked:'' put "yes" if not enough other articles link to it (click "What links here" at left)
*''cleanup'': put "yes" if basic cleanup has been done.
*''by'': Names of anyone editing the checklist, in reverse chronological order.
*''cat1, cat2'' and ''cat3'' are categories;  if there is only one category, put it in cat1.-->
|            abc = United States of America
|            abc = United States of America
|      cat_check = n
|      cat_check = n

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This article is developing and not approved.
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Template:United States of America/Metadata
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This is a central location for all information relating to the United States of America cluster. It is critical to keep this page updated since the {{subpages}} and related templates use this information for the placement of categories and header templates in the cluster. General article properties

pagename = United States of America
variant = AE
Article size = 37,276 bytes
Cluster subpages

Required for checklist

abc = United States of America
cat_check = n
status = 2
underlinked = n
cleanup = y
Workgroup designations:
cat1 = Geography
cat2 = Politics
cat3 = History
Subworkgroup designations:
Article specific tabs:

Required for the ToApprove template

article url =
subpage url =
cluster =
now =
ToA editor =
ToA editor2 =
ToA editor3 =
ToA editor4 =
date =

Required for the Approved template

The status parameter in the checklist (see above) of approved versions must be set to 0 (zero).
A editor =
A editor2 =
A editor3 =
A editor4 =