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Party or group Seats
Conservative 0
Labour 0
Liberal Democrat 0
Sinn Féin[1] 0
Independent Group for Change 0
Plaid Cymru 0
Green 0
Independent 0
Speaker[2] 0
Vacant[3] 650
Total 650
Government working majority 0[4]
  1. Sinn Féin contests UK general elections but does not take the seats; therefore, its MPs do not vote or speak in the House of Commons.
  2. Does not vote except to break a tie; the Speaker is not a member of any party.
  3. Seats awaiting the election of a new MP in a by-election or general election.
  4. Does not include the Speaker and Speaker's Deputies (who do not usually vote) or Sinn Féin (which does not take the seats).