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Talk:Jean Lartéguy

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 Definition French novelist and journalist, born in 1920, particularly known for his novels about paratroopers fighting the colonial wars of Indochina and Algeria. [d] [e]

Perhaps other French connections

I've mentioned Roger Trinquier, who also was very frank about Algeria after the GCMA operations at Dien Bien Phu.

Somehow, I managed to lose some text that I put back into French Indochina. Bernard Fall quotes a French lieutenant colonel:
There is a difference between us French and Don Quixote. Don Quixote rode against windmills because he thought they were giants, but we ride against windmills knowing they are windmills but doing it all the same because we think that in this materialistic world, there ought to be someone who rides against windmills.[1]
  1. Fall, Street Without Joy, p. 259> </blockquote> While I can't find a reference, one of the conditions of the 1954 Vietnam cease-fire was that the French GCMA guerillas would be abandoned. A haunting radio message stays with me, in which one of the last messages called for the REMFs not to send them food, but ammunition, so they could die like men. Conein wasn't precisely French, but seems like he ought to be in there somewhere. ~~~~