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Talk:Ancient Rome

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This article is a stub and thus not approved.
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 Definition The most powerful empire of the ancient world. [d] [e]


This is very much a work in progress right now. Clearly this is a very broad topic and I hardly know where to begin. As such I have been working on the bibliography mainly. I also think 'Ancient Rome' is very ambiguous. When I hear that I think of the city proper, however I felt that this article should cover the political entity rather then the city proper. Feedback anyone? --???

See also Roman Empire. The latter article might imply that there would be two top-level articles, one about the republic & earlier Rome and one about the empire & downfall, but I think one single article about ancient Rome is also needed. Exactly what each article should cover, and in how much depth, is something that only the people "in the trenches" can determine. I can say that having huge amounts of overlap is a bad idea. You might want to consult User:Ro Thorpe and User:Richard Jensen. --Larry Sanger 07:42, 20 December 2007 (CST)