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  • ...], even a totalitarian state may have a politicized military force. Overt political [[Sinn Fein]], in Ireland and Northern Ireland, long had the [[Irish Re ...s: the [[Communist Party of the Soviet Union]], the [[Red Army]] and the [[Organs of State Security]]. Each maintained a divisional-sized force in [[Moscow
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  • ...or unstable states, political organizations have overt or covert military organizations to cement or gain power through undemocratic means
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  • {{r|Security organization of Saddam Hussein||**}} {{r|Organs of State Security||**}}
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  • "Vietnamese Communist", and variously is considered either the military wing of the [[National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam]], or a generic ...of Vietnam, were members of the [[Viet Minh]], which had been the military wing of the Communist-dominated nationalist forces when Vietnam was still a Fren
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  • ...or to Himmler, allowed Himmler to set up the first SS recruiting rules, drawing personnel from the SA'' ===SS Organizations===
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  • ===Military wings of political organizations===
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  • ...ition of the problems of another Beer Hall Putsch, to bring his large Ruhr organization into the Party, and was a northerner trusted more than the Munich le ...of national politics by military means, that action always must support a political goal.
    7 KB (1,159 words) - 08:40, 24 October 2013
  • ...ition of the problems of another Beer Hall Putsch, to bring his large Ruhr organization into the Party, and was a northerner trusted more than the Munich le ...of national politics by military means, that action always must support a political goal, although it was obvious to Pfeffer.
    8 KB (1,337 words) - 09:48, 12 November 2013
  • ...e, he served in the military government of Munich, and became increasingly politicized, resenting [[civilian control of the military]].<ref>Hancock, pp. 32- .... Where Hitler's oratory was unmatched, so was Roehm's set of contacts and organizational ability. <ref>Fest, pp. 134-135</ref>
    21 KB (3,432 words) - 01:16, 2 November 2013
  • ...mission, it can range from a strict hierarchy to an extremely distributed organization. ...[SIGINT]] is a strength of conventional militaries and counterintelligence organizations. New communications techniques, such as the Internet and strong enc
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  • ...Communist grand strategy|Vietnamese Communism]], for its converts, was an organizing belief system that had no equivalent in the South. At best, the southe ...rth, there is little evidence of any Northern units in the South, although organizers may well have infiltrated.
    67 KB (10,279 words) - 10:16, 17 October 2013
  • ...greatest strength has been in [[Gaza]], but it also has a significant following in the [[West Bank]]. ...ezbollah]], it traditionally has had both a social services and a military wing. Hamas refuses to recognize the [[State of Israel]], which has responded wi
    19 KB (2,837 words) - 13:47, 6 October 2013
  • the planning and resource management of entire nations, the effects of politics and diplomacy on military affairs, and the inter-relation of civic polic ...soldiers, weapons, tactics, and operations and more on society, economics, politics, and culture.
    34 KB (4,994 words) - 12:03, 10 February 2011
  • ...r other means illegal under the rules of the existing government. "Seeking political power" does not necessarily mean replacing the government. A group may points out, however, that insurgents today need not be part of a highly organized movement:<blockquote> "Some are networked with only loose objectives an
    53 KB (7,665 words) - 20:15, 5 September 2014
  • ...ecutive]] (SOE), and [[Political Warfare Executive]] (PWE). The latter two organizations were wartime, and their functions were merged back into SIS after t ...irst. There has always been a close relationship between the U.K. and U.S. organizations.
    51 KB (7,484 words) - 15:26, 12 February 2011
  • ...ies of the [[United States intelligence community]] in the Asia/Pacific geopolitical area. It includes those of the [[Central Intelligence Agency]], <ref na | url =
    77 KB (11,685 words) - 08:28, 1 November 2013
  • ...e. Terrorism has been practiced by both left-wing and right-wing political organizations, religious and nationalistic groups, revolutionaries, as well as ...dt & Jongman 1988). A compiled analysis of this survey identified the following recurring elements:
    18 KB (2,652 words) - 21:23, 23 September 2013
  • ...Iraq, a combination of political party, social service group, and military wing called the [[Badr Corps]]; it had been a resistance group under [[Saddam Hu ...n his model, the [[marji'iyya]] would be important, but would separate its political and spiritual roles. Among those consulted were Grand Ayatollah [[Ali S
    3 KB (393 words) - 23:24, 26 August 2009
  • society, committed to create an atmosphere of fear in order to obtain a political objective. The act may be intended to cause direct casualties, or to di ...orting to the Secretary-General in 2002, the Working Group stated the following:
    43 KB (6,344 words) - 05:34, 6 October 2013
  • ...lled the [[Mahdi Army]] or the [[Jaish al-Mahdi]] (JAM). It has not been a political party in the classic sense, but rather backs candidates. ...d street force into 'a major Shiite movement, with parliamentary presence, political presence, as well as now a very large military presence on the street.'
    13 KB (1,966 words) - 08:36, 25 September 2013
  • ...e of the [[Director of National Intelligence]]. While the exact geographic organization of intelligence operations agencies is classified, this senior funct [[Radio Free Europe]]/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) is a radio and communications organization funded by the United States Congress. It contrasts with the official
    71 KB (10,485 words) - 10:49, 30 October 2013
  • ...ional socialism," however, had already been current in German and Austrian politics since the 1890s and did not refer to either Marxian socialism or Nazism. ...neric totalitarian model also fails when examining contemporary [[Japanese militarism]]. Joseph Nyomarkay suggests that while ideology is the basis of authorit
    51 KB (7,843 words) - 15:29, 22 February 2016
  • pathway to lowest-low fertility. Although Ukraine has undergone immense political and economic transformations during 1991-2004, it has maintained a youn ...ficulties, showing that other attitudes are determined more by culture and politics than by demographic differences.<ref> Oksana Malanchuk, "Social Identifi
    38 KB (5,632 words) - 20:39, 19 August 2014

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