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  • ...istol round gives more stopping power and range, but the lighter-than-full-rifle recognizes that long-range fire has largely become the function of [[crew- ...ound magazines rather than the 5-8 round magazines of traditional infantry rifles; they are intended to generate enough fire to suppress an enemy without t
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  • {{r|Rifle}} {{r|M16 rifle}}
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  • ...d against the firer's shoulder. Usually with considerably less accuracy, rifles can be fired "from the hip", which ofren means held loosely at waist leve ...g gases generated by the combustion of an explosive '''propellant'''. Some rifles, usually for sport, may be powered by compressed gas, either air manually
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  • ...ry rifle in the world, the '''AK-47''' is an [[rifle#assault rifle|assault rifle]] designed by the Soviet, Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. In its most co Kalashnikov-designed rifles have an excellent reputation for reliability and needing minimum maintena
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  • ...istol round gives more stopping power and range, but the lighter-than-full-rifle recognizes that long-range fire has largely become the function of [[crew- ...ound magazines rather than the 5-8 round magazines of traditional infantry rifles; they are intended to generate enough fire to suppress an enemy without t
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  • The inside diameter measurement is used for both small arms (e.g., rifles, pistols, etc.) and for larger [[artillery]]. While all militaries have g *.223 inch, a standard NATO [[rifle#assault rifle|assault rifle]] round: 5.56 mm
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  • ...], an [[assault rifle]] firing 5.56mm intermediate power ammunition; [[M4 (rifle)]] is the carbine (i.e., shorter-length) version
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  • ...or '''AR-15''', is, especially in its evolved version, the standard battle rifle of the United States and much of the world. In the U.S. military, the most ...malite, then a subsidiary of Fairchild Industries, proposed various battle rifle designs to militaries around the world. The AR-15 design was licensed to C
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  •, with [[assault rifle]]s that fire a more energetic, intermediate-power rifle cartridge. Submachine guns have large magazines ranging from 20 to 100 rou ...of the target rather than require the accurate marksmanship required for a rifle.
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  • {{r|Assault rifle}} {{r|M16 rifle}}
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  • ...U.S. systems alone., since there are comparisons to examine (e.g., [[M-16 (rifle)]] vs. [[AK-47]], and earlier weapons such as the SKS), and VC/NVA field a {{seealso|Air Assault}}
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  • ...I Part DM-ST-89-01131.jpg|300px|thumb|The Soviet AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle is a favorite weapon of terrorists because of its low cost and high availa ...o create, plant, and detonate a crude bomb. Assassination, kidnapping, and assaults against well-defended targets require a much more sophisticated knowledge
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  • The basic model of a U.S. assault rifle firing 5.56mm ammunition, variants of which are used worldwide.
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  • ...rifle was a clip-fed [[semi-automatic]] rifle, firing a .30-06 full-power rifle cartridge. <ref name=FM>{{citation | title = Field Manual 23-5 for the U.S. Rifle, CALIBER .30, M1
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  • (e.g., 7.62x51mm NATO), and is heavier but longer-ranged than [[assault rifle]]s; generally issued to snipers and designated marksmen
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  • ...with reduced-power propellant and larger magazines that comparable battle rifles using the same [[caliber]]; there are variants that use lighter bullets
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  • A shorter-barreled version of the U.S. [[M-16]] [[assault rifle]], preferred in close quarters such as urban combat or by vehicle crews; g
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  • Perhaps the first U.S. version of an [[assault rifle]], the '''M2 carbine''' was a [[U.S. Army]] weapon, used in the Korean War
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  • ...ver, CIA told the [[Bill Clinton|Clinton Administration]] that the surplus rifles did not go to Peru, but to guerrillas in [[Colombia]]. Peru has had a lon ...ymity, said that while they had been slow to discover the diversion of the rifles, once they were aware of it, they reported it immediately, when guns foun
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  • ...rimary individual weapons of the Army are the [[M16 rifle|M16A2/A4 assault rifle]] ...and military police, are issued a sidearm in lieu of (or in addition to) a rifle. The most common sidearm in the U.S. Army is the 9 mm [[M9 pistol]]<ref n
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  • ...lled a ''rifle squad'', as most of its members are armed with an [[assault rifle]]. The squad usually has one to three light [[machine gun]]s. Soldiers may
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  • ...le]], for example, actually fires a less powerful bullet than many hunting rifles, although it does have design features that may make it more effective in ...ciation]] is a powerful [[interest group]], whose magazine, the ''American Rifleman'', has a monthly column called the "Armed Citizen", giving examples of
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  • ...matic Rifle (BAR).jpg|right|350px|John M Browning and a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).}} The '''Browning Automatic Rifle''' was large rifle developed by [[American gunsmith]] [[John M. Browning]], for use in [[Worl
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  • ...13}}</ref> They threw [[grenade]]s and fired on non-Muslims with [[assault rifle]]s after separating them from Muslims, and ordering that group to leave.<r
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  • ...attack if not used as a [[suicide attack]]. Assassination, kidnapping, and assaults against well-defended targets require more sophisticated organization, pla ...I Part DM-ST-89-01131.jpg|200px|thumb|The Soviet AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle is a common weapon of terrorists because of its low cost and wide availabi
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  • ...had a mission of conversion by the sword &mdash; or the [[AK-47]] assault rifle. ...were Chinese artillerymen bringing in heavy rocket launchers in the final assault on [[Dien Bien Phu]]. U.S. transport aircraft, operated by a CIA proprietar
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  • ...had a mission of conversion by the sword &mdash; or the [[AK-47]] assault rifle.
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  • {{r|M-16 (rifle)}} {{r|Air assault}}
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  • ...y reached about one hundred yards, Fannin gave the order to open fire with rifle and cannon shot and canister. Mexican casualties were heavy, but Urrea gav
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  • 1998- VPC released "Small" Favors—A Sampling of Assault Weapon and Saturday Night Special Manufacturers That Would be Protected by ...als With 50 Caliber Sniper Rifles. This study showed how easily 50 caliber rifles are you purchase. It also revealed that Al Qaeda purchased 25 of these we
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  • ...spite of this, Thompson considered Osceola to be a friend, and gave him a rifle. Later, though, when Osceola was causing trouble, Thompson had him locked ...ome Indians sitting around a campfire. Two more Indians came up during the assault and opened fire on the whites. Three whites were wounded and one Indian was
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  • ...d personnel carrier)|M113 armored personnel carriers]], the 4th Mechanized Rifle Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry, commanded by Captain [[Ly Tong Ba]], was att Soldiers in [[armored fighting vehicle]]s, as well as helicopter-borne [[air assault]], units, are expected to use the classic [[cavalry]] attack tactics, which
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  • ...h a 4x Leupold & Stevens Scope, an M1 carbine, a Remington 7mm magnum pump rifle and various other equipment stowed in a wooden crate and his Marine footlo ...turned to the receptionist area and encountered Whitman, who was holding a rifle in each hand. Botts later claimed that she believed that the large red sta
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  • *'''[[air assault]]''': while parachuting is actually a subset, air assault or airmobile infantry are principally carried to battle with helicopters. A get in the way of their primary task. Still, there is a mystique to the rifle:
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  • ...d to shoot down machine gunners. He demanded that training camps emphasize rifle marksmanship.<ref>Pershing, ''My Experiences'' 1:78-9, 134-5, 53, 103-4, 4 ...e Pershing doctrine of open warfare fought by individualistic Yanks with a rifle.<ref> "The African Queen" (1951), based on a true story of the war in East
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  • ==Final Assault== ...called a meeting of his senior staff. He outlined his plans for the final assault of the fort. Despite many objections from his officers that such an ill-pla
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  • ...area, was the first combat action involving a [[United States Army]] [[air assault#First U.S. Airmobile Combat Deployments|an airmobile unit of divisional str ...hile that specific plan was not executed, it was very similar to the final assault on South Vietnam in 1975. <ref>Moore & Galloway 2008, pp. 35-36</ref>
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  • ...d of their legs; if you cover these they will fight forever.") The Yankee assault was well-planned and well-carried out. Only the timely arrival of a rescue ...sion of Canada dissolved in the face of British superiority in numbers and assault capability. Disorganization, shortages of supplies, fatigue, sickness, and
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  • ...t of operations was to surround Baghdad with tanks, while airborne and air assault infantry cleared it block-by-block. <ref name=Zucchino>{{citation ...eventing intervention by forces in Nasiriyah, the 1-15th Infantry Regiment assaulted the airfield inflicting serious losses on Iraq's 11th Infantry Division,
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  • ...eastward another mile. (See map 2) Lee's advisors warned against a frontal assault, but he knew the Confederacy was desperate. It had to win a decisive battle ...111 Napoleons, 44 rifled 10-pounders and 84 rifled 3" guns, 10 very large rifled "Parrott" 20 pounders, and 30 miscellaneous other guns. The Yankee ammuni
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  • ...metime after a July 4, 1881, confrontation during which Crow Dog pointed a rifle at Spotted Tail.<ref name="Ostler">Jeffrey Ostler, The Plains Sioux and U. ...cest, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with serious bodily injury, assault of a child under 16, child abuse or neglect, robbery, or a felony under 18
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  • ...s the causeway during Exercise Solid Shield '83. They are armed with M16A1 rifles.</div></div> ...ass="thumbcaption">'''1 Jun 1985.''' An M-60 tank is driven ashore from an Assault Craft Unit 2 (ACU-2) LCM-8 Mod-1 mechanized landing craft as Onslow Beach d
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  • ...e boat landings took place four days later amidst mortar, machine gun, and rifle fire. On 21 September, ''Union'' departed for Sasebo, Japan, with seven ca ...kinawa to prepare for Operation "Strongback," a major 7th Fleet amphibious assault exercise at Dingalen Bay, Luzon, Philippines, in which destroyers, cruisers
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  • ...s on how to encircle a military force with a helicopter-borne (i.e., [[air assault]]) unit, logisticians worked out the procedure by which a short-ranged heli ...telegraph. Another key aspect was the increased lethality of repeating and rifled weapons, such that a prepared defense could be nearly invulnerable to dir
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  • ...pact, high-value cargo such as cotton, turpentine or tobacco outbound, and rifles, medicine, brandy, lingerie and coffee inbound. They charged from $300 to ...ef> C. R. Horres, Jr., "Charleston's Civil War 'Monster Guns,' the Blakely Rifles." ''South Carolina Historical Magazine'' 1996 97(2): 115-138. Issn: 0038-
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  • ...ranged attacks. In TFC he carried a Nailgun in addition to his two sniper-rifle modes (the second-fire mode doubled as a machine gun) but he lost the nail ...fists for melee attacks. Virtually no changes were made from TFC in this assault class.
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  • #1-3 months: a tank-killing air assault brigade, a brigade of mechanized infantry, hundreds of aircraft on Saudi ai [[Image:DIA-InvasionOfKowait.gif| thumb| 350px| [[air assault]] and armored movements]]
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  • ...on BV-33, located at Ban Houei Sane, on Route 9 in Laos. The battalion was assaulted on the night of [[23 January]] by three PAVN battalions supported by seve ...PAVN Armored Regiment churned over the defenses, backed up by an infantry assault by the 7th Battalion, 66th Regiment and the 4th Battalion of the 24th Regim
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  • ...ot known if the Jordanians were witting of the eventual destination of the rifles.<ref name=NYT2000-11-06>{{citation ...h distinction in Amritsar during Operation Bluestar, the counter-terrorist assault on the Golden Temple in 1984. At some point after this, he again attracted
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  • ...Forsyth hand-picked 48 men at Fort Hays, all armed with Spencer repeating rifles. Forsyth's executive officer was [[Lieutenant]] [[Fredrick H. Beecher]] o ...ater as another man drinks from a pool, while a third prepares to fire his rifle.]]
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  • ...[[Monterrey]], capital of Nuevo León province, which fell after siege and assault, September 21-23, 1846. Large elements of Taylor's army were shifted to Sc ...reserves and with the invaluable aid of [[Jefferson Davis]]'s Mississippi Rifles regiment, checked the retreat. Artillery batteries of [[Braxton Bragg]],
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  • ...ks patrolled the streets of Bennettsville, South Carolina, to prevent Klan assaults."<ref>''Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863–1877'' by ...local organizations such as the White League, Red Shirts, saber clubs, and rifle clubs.<ref>Wade, 1987, pp. 109-110.</ref> Even though the Klan no longer e
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  • ...steps. The first forces brought against them were units of the 3rd Irish Rifles and the 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Both sides killed unarmed men. The ...first put on in Dublin, his unromantic view of events caused disturbances, assaults and threats in the theatre.
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  • This was a gradual transition in movement, as artillery and repeating rifles greatly increased the power of the defense. Technology became important i ...ous operations. In very different ways, Mao's revolutionary warfare, [[air assault|airmobile operations]] in Vietnam, and the first network-centric warfare in
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  • *Horizontally : Where a single item or class of items—say, rifle ammunition—is stored in a layer that fills the hold from side to side an ...h Atlantic. Even so, they did not follow ideal procedures, in that several assault landing ships, not fully unloaded, were not withdrawn from the immediate la
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  • ...ilar to revolvers, and some [[riot shotgun|riot shotguns]] (e.g., Atchison Assault Twelve) use rotating magazines. ...everal versions of its 'autorevolver', including longer barrelled and even rifle-like variations, usually chambered for [[.357 Magnum]] ammunition, but als
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  • This was a gradual transition in movement, as artillery and repeating rifles greatly increased the power of the defense. Technology became important i Units that are highly mobile within part of a theater, such as [[air assault]] troops, or [[amphibious warfare| amphibious forces maneuvering at sea]],
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  • in large numbers, they might, during the next few months, attempt major assaults against GVN forces and positions... ...]] was an attempt to attack the [[Viet Cong]] infrastructure (VCI) with a "rifle shot rather than a shotgun approach to target key political leaders, comma
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  • employed independently in a handheld manner or by mounting it to an M16 rifle. ...(LOBs), and degrade enemy tactical radio communications during amphibious assaults and subsequent operations ashore. When mission configured, and working coo
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  • ...onesian rebels. CIA, drawing on US Marine and Army stocks, provided 42,000 rifles. ...Dien Bien Phu. Flights started in March, as the [[Viet Minh]] began their assault, and continued until Dien Bien Phu fell on 7 May. Two CAT pilots were kille
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