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==External links==
==External links==
*[ ''New York Times'' review] October 29, 1986, Section C, Page 24
*[ ''New York Times'' review] October 29, 1986, Section C, Page 24
Not a review, but an interview with Condon:

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Prizzi's Family is a novel by Richard Condon published in 1986. It is the second of four novels featuring the Prizzis, a powerful family of Mafiosi in New York City. In all four novels the main protagonist is a top member of the family named Charlie Partanna.

Plot summary

Mardell La Tour is actually Grace Willand Crowell, daughter of an Assistant Sec. of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, an immensely wealthy family that lives in a Federalist House in Georgetown.

Vincent Prizzi, son of Don and Boss: Vincent conspired with his own ignorance. He was a perpetually baffled man who chewed on pieces of himself and then spat them out at the world.

External links

Not a review, but an interview with Condon: