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OpenLeaks is project forked from WikiLeaks by some discontented staff members. [1]

As of December 10, 2010, the web site is up, but the only content is a logo and a "Coming Soon" message.

In 2013, when the Columbia Journalism Review commented on the SecureDrop project, initiated by Forbes magazine, it commented that OpenLeaks was "a project which did not ultimately materialize."[2]


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  2. Lauren Kirchner. When sources remain anonymous, Columbia Journalism Review, 2013-10-31. Retrieved on 2019-08-23. “Incidentally, it’s a concept similar to WikiLeaks spinoff OpenLeaks, a project which did not ultimately materialize, and to The Wall Street Journal’s SafeHouse, a 2011 attempt which was immediately lambasted by security experts for its, well, lack of security.”