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==Parent topics==
==Parent topics==
{{r|France, history}}
{{r|French Revolution}}
{{r|Military history}}
==Other related topics==
==Other related topics==
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==Bot-suggested topics==
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{{r|Adrien-Marie Legendre}}
{{r|Augustin-Louis Cauchy}}
{{r|Carl von Clausewitz}}
{{r|Charles Messier}}
{{r|Charles de Gaulle}}
{{r|Charles-Augustin de Coulomb}}
{{r|Embargo of 1807}}
{{r|Felix Savart}}
{{r|France, history}}
{{r|French Revolution}}
{{r|French republican calendar}}
{{r|George III}}
{{r|George IV}}
{{r|Georges Cuvier}}
{{r|Grand strategy}}
{{r|James Madison}}
{{r|John C. Calhoun}}
{{r|John Quincy Adams}}
{{r|Knights Hospitaller}}
{{r|Louis XVI}}
{{r|Louisiana Purchase}}
{{r|Maximillian I Joseph of Bavaria}}
{{r|Military History}}
{{r|Netherlands, history}}
{{r|Oswald Spengler}}
{{r|Poland, history}}
{{r|Project Muse}}
{{r|Rosetta Stone}}
{{r|Russian Liberation Movement}}
{{r|Scotland, history}}
{{r|Victor Hugo}}
{{r|War of 1812, Causes}}
{{r|War of 1812}}
{{r|William I (Netherlands)}}
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