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India Against Corruption/Code of conduct

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India Against Corruption IAC movement Code of Conduct] (dated. 29.March.2008) is the master guideline which all members of this movement must adhere to strictly.

The key features of the document define IAC is a non-political, secular, inclusive, transparent, peaceful, Republican, egalitarain people's movement

Text of the IAC Code of Conduct

  1. The IAC movement and agitations shall be conducted peacefully.
  2. The IAC movement is inclusive, transparent and democratic. Every community regardless of religion, caste, language, region, culture, sex, age, profession, economic strata, etc. is encouraged to participate in the movement and all shall be treated equally.
  3. The IAC movement is completely secular. Hindustan's salvation requires people from all faiths and religions coming together.
  4. The volunteers should work in the spirit of selfless service and sacrifice for the country, and without expectation of money, name, fame, recognition, etc. for oneself.
  5. The "India Against Corruption" andolan is a people's movement, a collective expression of the people of India fighting against corruption and developing efficient communications to network better. Volunteers in the movement do so as citizens of India with a burning desire to do something for their country.
  6. Volunteers should work with a feeling of brotherhood and avoid conflicts within a group or across groups which can be exploited by corruption's forces to divide IAC's fellowship. Accordingly, the andolan's organisers shall publicly circulate and thereafter publish this code of conduct, along with the Charter of the IAC movement and the IAC Manifesto of the individual agitations to be launched, as soon as possible and all volunteers and participants shall be morally bound to honor them on pain of summary expulsion from the andolan
  7. The IAC is strictly an apolitical movement, Members or adherents of any political party must delink themselves from the movement. IAC volunteers will restrict their comments for or against any political party, or candidates for political office.(Amendment dt. 25.Dec.2012)
  8. That no IAC volunteer shall raise funds or donations in the name of IAC, or misuse the national emblems such as India's tricolor. (Amendment dt. 04.Sep.2013)

NB: this text is faithfully reproduced from the official website with an attribution link, and so fulfills the source's reproduction policy.