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Icebreaker Nathaniel Palmer

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The Icebreaker Nathaniel Palmer is a research vessel designed for and operated on behalf of the United States' National Science Foundation.[1][2] She was launched in 1992. The vessel is named after the first American recorded to have seen Antarctica.

The Nathaniel Palmer and another icebreaker operated on behalf of the National Science Foundation, the RV Lawrence M. Gould serve researchers in the Antarctic. Ironically, Palmer Station is serviced by the Lawrence M. Gould, not the Nathaniel Palmer.

Length 93.9 meters
Breadth 18.3 meters
Depth 9.1 meters
Main propulsion 9,485 kilowatts
Bow Thruster 1,040 kilowatts
Stern Thruster 600 kilowatts
Endurance 75 days
Crew Complement 22
Total Complement 72


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