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On every construction site there is some kind of construction machinery, helping man to fullfill his construction work, making some jobs possible, easier, safer and more reliable.

Construction machinery is manifold, and there exist very common and well known machines like excavators and loaders as well as very special machines that are rarely seen. This page sorts, lists and describes construction machinery and links to even more detailed information about each machine.


digging machines


The excavator is mainly used for digging holes like e.g. building pits. The most common usage is in combination with trucks, which get loaded by the excavator in several plays.


surface digging machines

Surface digging machines move and change the soil usually in order to prepare the surface for construction.


A dozer pushes earth in order to create a more or less flat surface which can be even more flattened by graders.


The grader is constructed in a way that it is able to do levellling jobs very thoroughly and used to prepare the surface for e.g. road construction projects.


Road construction


Milling machine


lifting machinery