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Dear Citizens,

With an aim ofexpanding the scope of the Citizendium to include a number of different subpage types, and so that we can get some experience with the whole idea of subpages and subprojects, I'd like to work with you all on adding a full complement of subpages to a particular article.

So what topic would you like to "give the subpage treatment to"? This would involve:

  • Links: expanding and annotated the list of Web links about the topic
  • Bibliography: annotating and, if necessary, expanding the list of important published books and articles on the topic
  • Categories: creating an excellent list of subtopics, supertopics, and related topics
  • Catalogs: one or more pages containing almanac-type information about some aspect of the topic, in tabular form; see, e.g., catalog of religions)
  • Gallery: an image gallery
  • Invited, signed articles: one or more possibly "biased" articles written by real exclusively by experts
  • Debate guide: one or more pages giving a "map of the dialectical landscape," an account of the arguments on all sides of a controversial issue about the topic
  • News guide: one or more pages summarizing of ongoing stories about the topic (such that a story itself will probably not become its own encyclopedia article!)
  • Tutorials: one or more pages that introduce a topic specifically for students; would be focused on more "practical" aspects of the topic, have more examples, and even perhaps some problems at the bottom of the page
  • Timelines: one or more pages giving a timeline about some aspect of the topic

In a way, I'm asking: what is going to be our first "CZ 2.0" article? It would be nice if the article itself were already well-developed; if we can imagine adding all the relevant information types described (including "debate guide" and "news summary" topics);

Accepting nominations, and votes, below. Nominate an article by linking to it; vote for it (you may vote for as many articles as you like) by writing your name after it. Note, if you vote, you must make at least one edit to the whole article + subpages (an item for which we need a name).

--Larry Sanger 17:03, 5 July 2007 (CDT)

Nominated article

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