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CZ:Getting Started

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Citizendium Getting Started
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Let's get started!
You can find an array of Citizendium help pages here, all aimed at explaining "the basics"--what you need to know to get started as a Citizen. Please explore and read, but bear in mind: you can learn a lot by doing, and no one will mind if you make a few mistakes as you do so. Since this is a wiki, mistakes can be easily fixed. Be Bold--and welcome!
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This is really essential reading. Please read these, or you might miss out on something crucial.
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Your "getting started" to do list

Things new Citizens should do:

  • Sign up.
  • Check your user page. Be sure [[Category:CZ Authors]] is on the page if you're an author (or an editor who wants also to be counted among the authors), and [[Category:CZ Editors]] if you're an editor. If you're an author, you can add other workgroup author categories to taste, such as [[Category:Philosophy Authors|LastName, FistName]]. Note that only Citizendium management can add workgroup editor categories, such as [[Category:Chemistry Editors]].
  • Sign up to the community announcement list, Citizendium-L.
  • Get to work! Don't wait for assignments; this isn't a top-down project.