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CZ:Elections October 2010

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The results of the initial election for Citizendium appeared in a message to a forum thread (Election results on forum). The following is a transcription of that message (Note: the rules for this election prohibited publishing the number of votes each candidate received. However there were 46 ballots cast -,4016.msg42663.html#msg42663).

Managing Editor: Daniel Mietchen
Ombudsman: Gareth Leng
Editorial Council: Martin Baldwin-Edwards, Howard C. Berkowitz, Aleta Curry, Hayford Peirce, Peter Schmitt, Ro Thorpe, Tom Morris

EC Reserves: Editor: Anthony Sebastian; Author: Johan A. Förberg

Management Council: Milton Beychok, Russell D. Jones, Chris Key, Dan Nessett, Joe Quick

MC Reserve: Mary Ash