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CZ:Elections June 2012/Nominations/Managing Editor/User:Peter Schmitt

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Revision as of 21:51, 3 June 2012 by Peter Schmitt (Talk | contribs) (reasons why I decline)

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It is an honour to be nominated for ME. Thank you! However, after careful consideration I have decided to decline this nomination.

The duties of the ME are twofold, both internal and external. As I see it, in the current situation of CZ the most important tasks are external, namely, to increase public awareness and to improve the project's image in the public, and to help finding a sustainable hosting solution. For both tasks, I am afraid, I am not the right person. I lack the skills and the offensive character needed for this.

In this respect, the situation is decidedly different from the situation when the initial election took place (and when I accepted the nomination). Then the main focus of the office was internal.

Now, I think and hope, I can best serve CZ as a member of the Editorial Council though I am aware that (naturally) not all Citizens share all the opinions I contribute there.