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# [[User:Andy Wongworawat|Andy Wongworawat]]
# [[User:Andy Wongworawat|Andy Wongworawat]]
# [[User:David L Russell|David L Russell]]
# [[User:David L Russell|David L Russell]]
# [[User:John Hymers|John Hymers]]
<!--    ***VOTE NO HERE***
<!--    ***VOTE NO HERE***

Revision as of 18:43, 20 May 2007

Editorial Council members:

To vote for the motion to replace CZ:Editorial Council Rules of Procedure with CZ:Editorial Council Rules of Procedure/Amendment 1, and thereby to amend CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0001, write your name below "Yes"; to retain the current version of the rules, and not amend them, write your name below "No."

NOTE: a "yes" vote will not accept the Rules of Procedure as the Council's rules, and a "no" vote will not reject them. The issue here is merely whether we will amend the document that will come up for vote. In other words, we are not voting on Resolution 0001 itself yet.

Only Editorial Council members may vote. The vote will close Monday, May 21, at 10 AM Eastern (that's 3 PM UTC).


  1. Richard Jensen
  2. Rainer Typke
  3. Matt Innis (Talk)
  4. Martin Baldwin-Edwards
  5. Nancy Sculerati
  6. DavidGoodman
  7. Robert Tito |  Talk 
  8. Supten
  9. Regina Bouillon
  10. John Moffett
  11. Andrew Carpenter
  12. Raymond Yee
  13. Gary Giamboi
  14. Andy Wongworawat
  15. David L Russell
  16. John Hymers
  1. Replace this with three tildes to vote "no"