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# [[User:Regina Bouillon|Regina Bouillon]]
# [[User:Regina Bouillon|Regina Bouillon]]
# [[User:JeromeDelacroix|Jerome Delacroix]]
# [[User:JeromeDelacroix|Jerome Delacroix]]
# [[User:John Hymers|John Hymers]]

Revision as of 06:52, 11 October 2007

Editorial Council members:

To vote for Editorial Council Resolution 0006, sign your name (by writing "~~~") below "Yes"; to vote against the resolution, sign your name below "No." Only Editorial Council members may vote. The vote will close Friday, October 12 2007, at 4:30 AM UTC.

  1. Jochen Wendebaum
  2. Gary Giamboi
  3. David Shapinsky
  4. Martin Baldwin-Edwards
  5. Larry Sanger
  6. Jaime Nubiola
  7. Regina Bouillon
  8. Jerome Delacroix
  9. John Hymers
  1. Vitaly Kulik
  2. Robert Tito |  Talk 
  3. David Tribe
  4. DavidGoodman
  5. Richard Jensen
Present or Abstain