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CZ:Bot status

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This page is meant as a place to organize information concerning bots and scripts. Its purpose is to allow any Citizen to request the creation of bots or scripts, and to help the author of a bot to provide the documentation required to get permission to run the bot. Constables will create an account once all of the failsafe procedures have been accomplished, which shall be detailed at CZ:Application for bot accounts. It is also meant to be a place for anyone to leave feedback or requests concerning needs and activities of bots.
Ultimately, this page is meant to be governed by CZ:Bot policy but as long as that policy is still being worked out, this page serves to gather practical experience with the policy, and may be adapted when some rough edges therein are being polished during the process. As your bot works its way through the approval process, move it under the appropriate heading.

This process is in the construction phase. Should you require the use of the Housekeeping Bot, contact User Talk:Daniel Mietchen. Once you have completed the steps required for approval. Contact the Bot Manager. The Interim Bot Manager is User Talk:D. Matt Innis.


To add a new request, click here but

Currently saving the request will add it at the bottom of the page, therefore copy the template and add it manually at the end of the "New bot request" section. (Or should it be at the top?)


Important questions to address during approval stage

  1. Is there a list of changes to be made?
  2. Will the bot delete anything?
  3. Will the bot move anything?
  4. Will the bot create pages?
  5. Will the bot create categories?
  6. Has the bot been tested?
  7. If over 20 edits is there an existing antidote to the bot's edits?
  8. Does the edit summary include a link to the Feedback page?
  9. Has the Constabulary been notified of:
    1. when the bot will be running.
    2. if anyone is available to turn it off.

Under construction

New bot request






Awaiting approval


Approved active