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(I agree!)
(The editors speak for the workgroup. Period.)
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Many thanks in advance!
Many thanks in advance!
The Editors and Authors
The Editors

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The Citizendium Anthropology Workgroup
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Welcome to the Anthropology Workgroup
Anthropology mural by Stephen Ewen CC-by-sa.jpg
Welcome to the Anthropology workgroup on CZ - we are working on priority topics and have compiled the list below and are trying to work through them one by one. Also, you will note in the list below that we have marked in bold and italics many of the articles. The reason we have done this is that we believe that these are either High Priority "stem" articles, or they are articles that we believe people will search for frequently, or type in when beginning a search on a topic. One of the most critical tasks - we feel - is to complete some of the major headings, as the subtopics are then logically identified and can thus be listed. Please feel free to add to the list as you see fit.

Anyone who can work on editing and moving towards approval, begin one of these with a stub if it doesn't exist, or better yet build a developed article please do so! It would also be helpful if some editors would look at completing or moving towards approval some of the articles already started. See our list of developed articles for additional topics not listed below.

Add RED, but help us go BLUE!

Many thanks in advance!

The Editors

Priority List for the Anthropology Workgroup

  • Anthropology - needs some additions and clarifications of sub-disciplines

Nepal Field2 0005.jpg
Late Stone Age
Middle Stone Age
Early Stone Age

    • Ape - needs thoughts on whether this is an appropriate category heading and additions
    • Monkey- needs thoughts on whether this is an appropriate category heading and additions
    • Prosimian - needs work
    • Lemur - needs work


Historical archaeology at Champoeg townsite, Oregon 1973 CC-by-sa by John Atherton.jpg

Fossil sites

The Great Pyramids
The Sphynx

  • Genetics - good article needs to move towards approval

  • Historical articles

Émile Durkheim.jpg

Lettres persanes.jpg