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2017 United Kingdom general election

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A general election to select Members of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom is scheduled to take place on 8th June 2017. MPs voted in favour of a motion by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, by 522 to 13 to call an election,[1] in accordance with the requirement of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011 for a two-thirds majority of the Commons. Parliament is set to be dissolved on 3rd May 2017, with 650 seats to be filled.

Less than two years after the previous nationwide poll, May made a surprise announcement on 18th April to seek an election, having previously stated that this would not be in the interests of the nation in the run up to British exit from the European Union.[2] The election is scheduled for one month after local elections, and has also resulted in the likely cancellation of a by-election - the first time this has happened since 1924.