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A list of key readings about Jane Addams.
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Scholarly biographies

  • Brown, Victoria Bissell. The Education of Jane Addams: Politics and Culture in Modern America. U. of Pennsylvania Press, 2003. 421 pp. excerpt and online search from amazon.com
  • Davis, Allen F. American Heroine: The Life and Legend of Jane Addams (Oxford U. Press, 1973), 339pp, solid scholarship but tends toward debunking
  • Diliberto, Gioia. A Useful Woman: The Early Life of Jane Addams. Scribner, 1999. 318 pp.
  • Elshtain, Jean Bethke. Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy: A Life Basic Books: 2002 online edition
  • Knight, Louise W. Citizen: Jane Addams and the Struggle for Democracy. U. of Chicago Press, 2005. 582 pp.; biography to 1899
  • Joslin, Katherine. Jane Addams: A Writer's Life. U. of Illinois Press, 2004. 306 pp.
  • Linn, James W. Jane Addams: A biography. (1935) 457 pp, by her admiring nephew

Specialized studies

  • Alonso, Harriet Hyman. "Nobel Peace Laureates, Jane Addams And Emily Greene Balch: Two Women Of The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom." Journal Of Women's History 1995 7(2): 6-26. Issn: 1042-7961 Fulltext: Ebsco
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Primary sources

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Additional Bibliography