Zach Wamp

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Zach Wamp is a Republican member of Congress from the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee. He was a primary candidate for Governor of Tennessee, but lost to Bill Haslam.

A member of the Tea Party caucus and Republican Study Committee, he describes himself as "a common-sense conservative who promotes practical ideas to solve our nation’s complex challenges".[1] It became an issue in the primary, when he made remarks potentially supportive of state secession. "I hope that the American people will go to the ballot box in 2010 and 2012 so that states are not forced to consider separation from this government." [2]


  • House Appropriations Committee
    • Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee (ranking minority member)
    • Energy and Water Subcommittee
  • Select Committee on Earmark Reform

Caucuses and groups

  • Nuclear Energy Working Group – Co-chairman
  • Library of Congress Caucus – Co-chairman
  • Congressional Fitness Caucus – Founder and former Co-Chairman
  • House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus – former Co-Chairman
  • Robotics Caucus – former Co-Chairman
  • TVA Caucus – former Chairman
  • Republican Study Committee – former Vice-Chairman
  • Capitol Preservation Commission
  • Nuclear Cleanup Caucus
  • Nuclear Issues Working Group
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus
  • Congressional Nanotechnology Caucus
  • Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus
  • Air Force Caucus
  • Army Caucus
  • National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus
  • Missile Defense Caucus
  • Congressional Caucus to Fight and Control Methamphetamine
  • House Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Caucus (STEM House Nursing Caucus
  • Coalition on Autism Research and Education
  • Congressional Diabetes Caucus
  • Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition
  • Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus
  • Immigration Reform Caucus
  • Congressional Human Rights Caucus
  • Congressional Israel Allies Caucus
  • Congressional High Tech Caucus
  • Congressional E-Waste Caucus
  • Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus
  • Cement Caucus
  • Congressional Real Estate Caucus
  • Congressional Fire Caucus
  • Congressional Rural Housing Caucus
  • Appalachian Caucus
  • Sugar Reform Caucus

Congressional Friends of New Zealand Caucus

  • Congressional Bike Caucus
  • Congressional Cystic Fibrosis Caucus
  • Congressional Horse Caucus
  • Congressional Manufacturing Task Force
  • Congressional Rural Caucus
  • Congressional Farmers Cooperative Caucus
  • Pro-life Caucus
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption Caucus)


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