Wars of Afghanistan

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This is the top-level article for numerous articles about the many wars of Afghanistan. Also see Afghanistan and Central Asia for more geographic coverage.

Afghanistan has been the site of conflict for millennia, but the Wars of Afghanistan are almost constant since the 19th century. There has been spillover between Afghanistan and its neighbors, including Pakistan and Iran, and war with both the former Soviet Union and conflicts with former Soviet republics.

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British colonial period

Soviet-related period

For the context in which the Taliban rose, see Afghanistan War (1978-1992),


from which Afghanistan Civil War (1989-1992) is being split.

Post-9/11 and Taliban

See Afghanistan War (2001-) for the fall of the Taliban as a government in Afghanistan

Present security situation

Taliban and the present Afghan government for the current situation there.

Border situations

See also Taliban in Pakistan for what increasingly appears to be a separate situation