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Vladimir Nabokov/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Vladimir Nabokov.
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  • Julian W. Connolly (editor). (2005) The Cambridge Companion to Nabokov. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521829571. | Google Books preview.
    • Fourteen multi-authored essays covering among other topics Nabokov's techniques of storytelling, his view of life and the world, and how he developed as a novelist. Includes a chronology of his life.
    • TOC: Introduction : the many faces of Vladimir Nabokov / Julian W. Connolly -- Strong opinions and nerve points : Nabokov's life and art / Zoran Kuzmanovich -- Nabokov as storyteller / Brian Boyd -- Nabokov as a Russian writer / Alexander Dolinin -- "By some sleight of land" : how Nabokov rewrote America / Susan Elizabeth Sweeney -- Nabokov and modernism / John Burt Foster, Jr. -- Nabokov as poet / Barry P. Scherr -- Nabokov's short fiction / Priscilla Meyer -- The major Russian novels / Julian W. Connolly -- From Sirin to Nabokov : the transition to English / Neil Cornwell -- Nabokov's biographical impulse : art of writing lives / Galya Diment -- The Lolita phenomenon from Paris to Tehran / Ellen Pifer -- Nabokov's late fiction / Michael Wood -- Nabokov and cinema / Barbara Wyllie -- Nabokov's worldview / Leona Toker
  • Brian Boyd. (1993) Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years. Princeton University Press. ISBN 9780691024707. | Google Books preview.
    • From the New York Times Book Review: Mr. Boyd has a remarkable gift for drawing life and literature together...[What he does] in this impressive biography reveals to us a Nabokov who has been far too little known...As a biography [Boyd's] book can hardly be surpassed. It is a definitive life of the man and a superbly documented chronicle of his time. (Quoted in the Google Books preview).
  • John Banville. (2010) The Still Mysterious Enchanter. Review of: Speak, Nabokov, by Michael Maar, translated from the German by Ross Benjamin. The New York Review of Books, July 15, 2010.