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A list of key readings about Victor Davis Hanson.
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  • Warfare and Agriculture in Classical Greece (1983; paperback ed. University of California Press, 1998)
  • The Western Way of War (Alfred Knopf, 1989; 2d paperback ed. University of California Press, 2000)
  • Hoplites: The Ancient Greek Battle Experience (Routledge, 1991; paperback., 1992)
  • The Other Greeks: The Family Farm and the Agrarian Roots of Western Civilization (Free Press, 1995; 2nd paperback ed., University of California Press, 2000)
  • Fields without Dreams: Defending the Agrarian Idea (Free Press, 1996; paperback, Touchstone, 1997; The Bay Area Book reviewers Non-fiction winner for 1996)
  • The Land Was Everything, Letters from an American Farmer (Free Press, 2000; a Los Angeles Times Notable book of the year); The Wars of the Ancient Greeks (Cassell, 1999; paperback, 2001)
  • The Soul of Battle (Free Press, 1999, paperback, Anchor/Vintage, 2000)
  • Carnage and Culture (Doubleday, 2001; Anchor/Vintage, 2002; a New York Times bestseller)
  • An Autumn of War (Anchor/Vintage, 2002)
  • Mexifornia: A State of Becoming (Encounter, 2003)
  • Ripples of Battle (Doubleday, 2003)
  • Between War and Peace (Random House, 2004).
  • A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War (Random House, 2005)
  • coauthored, with John Heath, Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom (Free Press, 1998; paperback, Encounter Press, 2000)
  • coauthored with Bruce Thornton and John Heath, Bonfire of the Humanities (ISI Books, 2001)

(coathored with Heather MacDonald, and Steven Malanga, The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today's (Ivan Dee 2007)

  • currently editing Makers of Ancient Strategy for Princeton University Press.