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Raymond John "Jack" Thro Born and educated in and around St. Louis, MO, USA. A.B. (philosophy and humanities), St. Louis U., 1964 Ph.L. (Licentiate in philosophy), St. Louis U., 1965 M.S. (engineering mechanics), St. Louis U., 1971 A.B. (theology), Sophia U., Tokyo, Japan, 1972

Native speaker of English, fluent in spoken and written Japanese.

I worked mostly with computers, in Japan and in the USA, between 1974 and 1991. I have lived in Japan since 1991, working for more than ten years at teaching Japanese engineers about the structure and usage of cellular telephone switchboards and radio cell sites. Since 2001, I have edited, re-written, and re-translated articles which were translated by Japanese translators from Japanese to English.

My current interests include listening to classical music, playing the piano, and studying foreign languages.