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I am a student at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw.

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Currently I am working on my M.A. research project under a working title "Body in Education" about how the Internet is changing teachers' authority at Polish highschools. For my B.A. degree I wrote a longer paper titled "Transfering, Evoking and Inventing Memories of Jews in Pinczow and Gora Kalwaria". I was a speaker at several conferences in Poland and Berlin and I held a position of a member of the board of the Student Society of my Institute. My radio show about Jewish music was broadcasted by in 2008.

Recently I have received a scholarship to study at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I used to be involved in Wikipedia and contributed with about 30 new articles and some minor editions chiefly in the field of Judaism and biographies. After reading Andrew Keen's "The Great Seduction: Cult of the Amateur" I have changed my perspective on many aspects of our Internet culture. In March 2010 I joined CZ.

Please note: I am not a native English Speaker and in spite of many years I have spent on learning the language my fluency is still questionable. Therefore I ask everybody for an approach full of understanding. If you find a mistake please do correct it or let me know so that I can correct it.

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Ruth Fulton Benedict (1887-1948) was an American anthropologist. She studied literature, in 1919 became interested in anthropology. Under a strong influence of Frantz Boas. Zuni, Dobu. Among those who used Benedict's concept of cultural determinism were Mrgareth Mead and Clyde Kluckhon. Modern concept of plural cultures.


  • Wzory kultury
  • Chryzantema i miecz


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