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Academic degrees in mathematics (1971 Dr.phil., 1987 Habilitation), basic courses in physics and chemistry

Position: a.Prof, Fakultät für Mathematik, Universität Wien (Vienna, Austria)
Teaching: over the years involved in most introductory courses, some advanced courses
Research: some probability theory, number theory,
  • discrete mathematics, in particular: discrete geometry (speciality: tilings)
some history of mathematics
Special interests: foundations of mathematics, recreational mathematics

Computers: theoretical computer science,

software: TeX, Pascal; practical experience: VAX, MS-Dos, Linux, some Windows

Games: mathematical game theory

Go (several years of intensive praxis);
experience: board games in general, some early computer games

Hobbies: good restaurants, food in general

wide range of interests, with emphasis on
film : arthouse
literature : crime, science-fiction,
music : modern music, ancient music
art : modern painting

Approved articles (E=Editor,A=Author)

(Dec 2010): World of Warcraft (E,reapproval)
(Oct 2010): Schröder-Bernstein property (E) / Schröder-Bernstein theorem (A)
(Aug 2010): Plane (geometry) (E) / Cryptanalysis (A)
(Jul 2010): Ellipse (E) / Domain Name System (E) / World of Warcraft (E)
(Oct 2009): Line (geometry) (E) / Set theory (E) / Cryptography (E) / Covariance (A) / Geometric sequence (A) / Countable set (A) / Neighbourhood (topology) (A)
(Oct 2009): Anycasting (E)
(Jul 2009): Complex number (E,reapproval)