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I am an electrical engineer based out of Gurgaon, India. My interests range from world geography, photography, Indian mythology, technical topics in computer science, electrical engineering and higher mathematics, Game theory and comparative world history. I spend my free time playing online strategy and simulation games, reading science and engineering non-fiction (cosmology, number theory, higher algebra are the most consistent topics I indulge in) and watching movies. My hobbies also include outdoor photography and biking.

You may also find additional information about me at [1]

I think I might also be the world's first Sesquipedaliocumulatist!!! (more about that later)

Reminder for me?!

Some hints, policies, and processes are more important than others. If we had to pick a dozen of the most important, what would they be?

  1. Be bold!
  2. Behave professionally.
  3. Lower-case article titles.
  4. Place [[Category:CZ Live]] on new articles, but not articles that that you've copied from Wikipedia and have not yet worked on. See the definition.
  5. Place appropriate workgroup category tags on all articles; for example, [[Category:Philosophy Workgroup]]. Here is the list of workgroups.
  6. Put the Article Checklist on new article talk pages. To help do this systematically, join in The Big Cleanup.
  7. Check the "Content is from Wikipedia?" box, just above "Save page", if you are copying something from Wikipedia.
  8. Wikipedians should know that we aren't Wikipedia. We have many different policies.
  9. Subscribe to Citizendium-L (everyone), and Citizendium-Editors (editors). These are announcement lists.
  10. Project discussion happens on the Citizendium Forums.
  11. Know some key policy and organization pages: The Statement of Fundamental Policies | Project Home | Workgroups | Policy Outline | How to get started as an author | How to edit an article | How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles | Mailing List Outreach | Article Mechanics | Neutrality Policy
  12. Monitor some important changing pages: recent changes | Administrative Notices | your own "user talk" page (see "my talk" at the top of the page)


My first article (seeded from WP) is Mumbai (begun on Mar 30th 2007)

My second article (also seeded from WP) is Maharashtra (begun on Mar 31st 2007)

My third article (and first original one!!) is Mumbai Metro (begun on Apr 3rd 2007)) - Wikipedia doesn't have this one!!!