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Attention: Due to some general frustration with other wikis and off-line life keeping me busy, I'm currently inactive as a Citizendium author. It is unclear whether I will return to editing in the future. In the mean time, if you would like to contact me, please do so via email.
Me, in a moon suit.

I am a senior undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. My areas of expertise lie in microfabrication, semiconductor device design and physics, analog electronics, and RF engineering. I'm currently engaged in research regarding wide bandgap compound semiconductor devices with S.-C. Shen's group under Georgia Tech's compound semiconductor group. My recent work has been focused on assisting in the design and development of gallium nitride HBTs and HEMTs, novel structure HFETs, as well as a piezoelectric mechanical energy harvesting MEMS. I consider myself to have a solid grounding in basic computer architecture, but this is largely self-taught and has little academic or professional backing. My Wikipedia user page may be of interest to you.

My motivations

I have decided to try to lend my time to Citizendium largely because I feel that the chaotic (lack of) organization of Wikipedia has become a hindrance to its stated goal of being a reliable and topically complete encyclopedia. It seems that many policies rooted in solid ideas and principles end up being inconsistently applied and often serve as a bludgeoning tool rather than an aid to productivity or quality. More disturbingly, I am increasingly of the opinion that Wikipedia serves more as a social gathering or soap box for regular editors than a serious project for the development of an encyclopedia. I agree with a lot of the philosophy behind Citizendium and hope to see it succeed in ways that Wikipedia may be unable to.