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I am Mathias Klode (Dipl. biochem.).

I live in Hamburg, Germany and Kiel, Germany.

I am a doctoral fellow at the University of Kiel and I am researching on plant hormone physiology, with a special focus on Auxin.

I am also interested in the philosophy of science, music, humanism, transhumanism and a lot of computer-related topics like Web design (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript), SVG, programming (Perl, C#) and LaTeX.

I would like to contribute to Citizendium by looking over biology-related articles.

Actual topics

As my interests change quite rapidly and I am not good at fixating on one article or topic for a very long time, I will put some topics here, to remind me to get back to them now and then:

  • I am quite interested in suppressors of RNA interference (I got the URL [1] and will do some work there).


Thanks for your input on RNAi. I'm thinking there are substantial edits that are desirable but perhaps not essential, but I might might push to let this approval go through, with agreement that Version 1.1 is to be finished in about two weeks. I'm working getting your suggestions in the text. Thanks again.David Tribe 16:21, 18 February 2007 (CST)