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I'm a composer, performing musician, and Web developer currently living in Albany, New York. I've been studying music since the tender age of three; in 1988, I won first prize in the Aaron Copland Competition for Young Composers, and that's what I went to college for (at Purchase College in New York and Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio). While in college, I stumbled on this hot new thing called the Web, and my dormant interest in programming got reawakened -- plus programmers get better paid than musicians, so I've been dividing my time between Web development and music since 1999 or so. It's quite a lot of fun, really, and I'm glad that I have two different things I can do that are fun and creative.

I've also had a great interest in languages and linguistics ever since I knew there was such a thing. I'll write more on that later, I hope.

For more information, please see . If you're looking for my userplan, that's here.