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Mark Jason Dominus is chief of software engineering at the Penn Genomics Institute. He has been programming since 1977, and in Perl since 1992, when he was a Unix sysadmin with the University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Sciences. He is an occasional contributor to the Perl core, and is the author of the standard perlreftut man page.

Mark's book Higher-Order Perl (ISBN 1558607013) was published by Morgan Kaufmann in March, 2005.

From 1999-2001 Mark was the managing editor of He was a columnist for The Perl Journal for several years. Most of his articles for TPJ have been reprinted in Computer Science and Perl Programming: Best of the Perl Journal (ISBN 0596003102) from O'Reilly and Associates. Mark's other Perl-related articles have appeared in magazines such as Wired and IEEE Software.

Since 1998 Mark has been a professional perl trainer. In addition to speaking at conferences such as YAPC, the O'Reilly Open Source Conferences, Usenix, and LISA, he has given training courses for large companies and organizations, including Morgan Stanley, IBM, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the U.S. Air Force.

Mark is the author of several well-known and widely-used Perl modules, including Text::Template, Memoize, and Tie::File. His work on Rx, a Perl regular expression debugger, won the 2000 Larry Wall Award for Practical Utility.

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