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I'm Cristina, I'm 25 and I'm Italian (I come from the small town Troina, Sicily). I'm going to graduate on March 2012 in Medicine and Surgery (6 years) awarded by Catania University with a psychiatric thesis. Next year, after taking diploma conferring the right to practise medicine and surgery awarded by the State Examining Commission, I would Postgraduate in Psychiatry (5 years). I attended a classical licèe (that is a 5 years high school specialized in classical studies) in Nicosia (Sicily- Italy) and I get the diploma with full marks and honour. Into this school I studied, among other, Latin and Old Greek Language and Literature; Italian (of course... and very well) and English Language and Literature; Astronomy and many other subjects. I loved this school and my first dreams were become archaeologist. I don't know why finally I choose Medicine Studies. Probably circumstances. In high school period I studied also music (piano and singing) and attended a Karate course. Among my interests: reading and writing books, phylosophy, poetry, theater, martial arts, classical music, world cusine and foods, Japanese culture, visit and describe world Countries, sea and ocean, swimming and dreaming. I hate Facebooks and I have NOT FB account. I love Anobii and I have an account. My actual dream is become a journalist and writer simultaneously or after Psichiatric studies.