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Jesse Liberty - This page is designed to provide personal background information. I am a CZ and a Wikipedian, and also listed in Citizendium as well as in Wikipedia articles, (which may be bit confusing for a while)

I am also a Citizendium editor, though my specific editing topics are still to be determined.

Let me state up front that I have no formal training in computer science or Queer history/politics or literature, or much else, but have been working in both fields for much of my life and have published somewhere between one and two dozen reasonably popular technical books (depending on how you count them) for publishers such as O'Reilly, Wrox, Sams and others. I have also published numerous print and electronic articles. I'm on the faculty at Brandeis Raab School of Continuing Education where I periodically teach courses on web application development.

I am opinionated, (often wrong), curious, a dilettante, and frequently fascinated by things in bursts that can last from months to decades. You can, at any time, find out what I'm reading by looking on my web site and clicking Books and then Recommendations where I list not only what I'm reading at the moment, but other books I enjoyed enough to add to the list.

As noted in the article mentioned above, I've been active (off and on) in Queer politics for over 30 years, and currently spend some of my energy on my blog.

I have have published literally dozens of opinion pieces in various straight and Queer publications and currently have a new opinion column on Simple-talk

I am also happily married, with two children, a dog, two cats, two rats and a fish, and I work 6 or 7 days a week to pay tuition, a mortgage and because I like what I do.


My published works include

along with dozens of articles that can be found on my web site. I am currently working on books on .NET 3 and I keep a sparse technical weblog as well

Citizendium To-do List

Based on Larry's request that we each revise an article, I will edit and revise the Stephen King article which is poorly written at best, and hardly up to standards. While I'm certainly not an expert on King, I've read virtually all his books and I can clean up the grammar and presentation. Given my own schedule, even this modest task will take a while.