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BA in Human Communication with emphasis in semantics. AA Psychology

US Navy training in electronics (ancient history; no current expertise in the field)

X-Technical writer with emphasis in documentation of computer programs.

Interests: Semantics, particularly General Semantics; cutting edge science, parapsychology, poetry, digital art and the tools for its creation, particularly 3D art (Carrara 5 Pro, Zbrush, Poser); metaphysics (i..e, "New Age" metaphysics--I have life time of reading in areas such as Theosophy, Rudolf Steiner, Eastern Thought, the works of Alice A. Bailey, Agni Yoga (Helen Roerich & Nicholas Roerich), Psychosynthesis, and allied schools)

Author of: Quick Guide to Good Writing; and a few books on astrology including one on statistical research in the field.

Author of a computer program Self Search, a personality inventory for ray assessment (Founded on the transpersonal psychology of Alice A. Bailey and related works)

Currently working as a semi-retired antiquarian bookseller

I write mystical poetry and metaphysical essays under the heading of "Transpersonal Semantics"

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