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I am a high school student who has been identified gifted/talented and is also diagnosed with the neurological condition Asperger's. I am interested in most of the sciences, although I am not particularly good at them; I also know a certain amount about alternative education. I am in several accelerated classes, one might add - although, instead of taking the GED and having done with it, I'm still in school due to needing a certain level of special education classes.

On Citizendium

I start stubs. Lots of them. In fact, my role is essentially a Natural Sciences "stub-starter", as described in my userplanbox below. This is not because I particularly like starting articles (although I do), but more as I'm nor particularly good at finding references even with such aids as browser plugins. When all the stubs for all my interest areas are created here, my work here will be finished. Until then, though, I'm the stub-starter.

I also tend to write run-on sentences.

Elaine Wang Status    last updated March 19    [edit plan here] Get your own infobox!Group Status
~ Plans ~
Short term plans
1. Continue stub-making Biology core articles
2. Topic-informant for ASD related articles?
Longer-term plans
1. Start as many stubs as possible in Biology/Chemistry
2. Create/expand Special Education coverage (US version)
~ Roles and notes ~
Roles in the system
1. Stub-starter
Notes to self
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Public notes : I Am The Stub-Starter. Fear Me.  :D