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Born in Belgium (1946), eng. Electrical and Electronics in 1968, Part time maths and French teacher 1968-69, emigrated to South Africa 1969. Developer of test circuits and new telephone equipment for the then SAPO (SA Post Office) at the chief engineers' laboratories in Pretoria Central. 1972-1977 Senior Instructor and Researcher University of Pretoria. Developed the first thick film hybrid circuit in SA in 1973. Assisted with the development of the thin film hybrid circuits, first MOS transistor made in Africa. Started own company in 1977/78 importing and exporting electronic components and assembly/ soldering equipment. Agents for Comco (USA), DEK Printing Machines (UK), Schleuniger (Switzerland), agents for Kofhuku Trading (Japan), Kyocera (Japan). Company name Microtronics Corporation (Johannesburg). 1978/79 Chief Engineer Transronics (Pty) Ltd. Making modified Bosch (Germany) VHF and UHF communication equipment for the private and government sectors. 1979-1987 Manager H.M.E a subsidiary of Barlows Communications making, promoting and selling thick film hybrid circuits. 1987-2003 Senior Project Manager Micro-Electronics division of Plessey SA (now Tellumat). Retired early in 2003 due to market decline in electronics in SA. Started training operators, inspectors, technicians and engineers in soldering and electronic assembly. 2004 Completed my training with IPC and became official certified IPC trainer in SA. Trained over 300 people now in 2007.