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My sandbox

My name is Douglas Lothrop, I am 45 from Maine. I have worked at a Cogeneration power plant for 20 years and I love it. I started my adult life attending a local Community college, my major was Electromechanical Technology. Courses were electronic and electrical principles, Residential wiring , motor controls, Digital programming and processing, Binary and octal coding, as well as others. I then got hired at a local paper mill and worked as a paper machine operator. I work my way up through all job duties up to and including Machine Runner Tender. I also worked as sub foreman to cover when my boss was gone. In 1988 I took a High Pressure Boiler operators course through night school, while I worked. I then obtained my HP Boiler Operator license through State of Maine exam. The next year the company started up it new Cogeneration facility, for which I applied and got the job. I operate 2 large industrial coal fired boilers, 2 high speed turbo generators, Air compressors and fuel systems. We are responsible for all environmental issues, including air and water discharges . We also need to be able to synchronize our turbine generators to the local power grid. I have had a lot of fun learning all aspects of clean coal technologies and all auxillary equipment. I am recently divorced with 3 daughters and 1 grandson. I like the Boston Red Sox, new England P:atriots and I love Nascar.