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I am a 24-year-old jack of all trades whose current area of expertise is computer architecture and repair. I specialize in the subject of computers and conduct ongoing research into the subject. I also have a studied interest in the subject of video games and video game culture, psychology, sociology, philosophy, physics, science and other general studies. My formal education includes a post-secondary course where I obtained A+ Certification in computer repair, and I have approximately 7 years of experience in repairing and servicing computers. I also have a deep interest in literature; both as a reader and a writer. I read and write primarily fantasy and science fiction works, but have also read and studied classic literature. I currently manage a free informational website that is designed to present information on computers and their use in a layman’s terms, so that common readers can learn in a comfortable environment. The information on this website is available under public license, and I can provide simple descriptions for many technical terms that would greatly benefit individuals who have not received a formal education on the subject of an article.